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Online Casino USA presents you with ECO Card Casinos. ECO Card is an internet-based e-Wallet that also comes with a debit card so that you can withdraw your funds quickly. This card is regulated by the United Kingdom but is available to residents in any country yes, that’s right including the United States even to use with online casino websites which is nice because United States players have such a hard time finding a reliable e wallet to make deposits into for casinos. ECO Card currently offers 2 products both backed by the ultra reliable name, Master Card.

Top USA ECO Card Casinos

The first product is the actual debit card that is sent to you via mail. ECO Card prepaid MasterCard is the best way to spend money at shops world wide, online & to withdraw from ATM machines anywhere MasterCard is accepted. After applying for your card, it is mailed out to you with a separate letter including your pin. To apply for this debit card, you’ll first need to register for an account on the website, then you’ll want to click “find out more & apply” enter all of your information double checking that it is all accurate. You should receive an answer between 1-3 business days. Checking the status of your application is easy all you have to do is log in and click the prepaid master card logo and it will let you know of the status. Once approved, you’ll recieve an e mail letting you know your card is on it’s way! After recieving your card you’ll of course want to activate it by visiting the site, logging in & clicking the Activate Your Card Link.

The second product with ECO Card is the Virtual Prepaid MasterCard. This is exactly like applying for a debit card except you’ll choose the Virtual card versus the debit card. In this case the approval time is also 1-3 business days & you’ll receive an e mail for approval. This account needs to have a mobile number on file because once you’re approved, you’ll recieve the first 8 digits of your card number to your e mail and the second 8 via SMS to your cell phone number from there you will be able to activate your card number in order to recieve more information about it such as the expiration date & 3 digit security code. After this short process you will then be able to use your Eco Card at any accepting Eco Card Casino. If in the event you’ve forgotten the details of your card or misplaced your information you will need to cancel the card & get a new one unfortunately.

There are no fees associated with this card to apply & activate the card. In fact some approved ECO card casinos offer a small bonus for using ECO card as a deposit option. There are some fees associated with other online and land based transactions such as when withdrawing funds from an ATM, the charge is 2%, with a cash advance fee of 4%. There are smaller fees associated like a replacement card fee, lost / stolen card fee, damaged card fee but hopefully you won’t have to worry about any of that! If you have any questions before registering for a card you can contact customer service via live chat 24/7. To make deposits to your ECO Card you can use bank transfer, Wire Transfer or Credit Card. Wire Transfers take 1-4 days to be credited toward your account, all other options are instant and are immediately available. To withdraw funds from your account your only option is with a wire transfer so make sure your bank information is already on file. Withdrawals are processed within 1-3 business days.

In order to make a deposit with a credit card you’ll need to verify your credit card information. A small charge will be made to your credit card between $1.00 & $2.00 you will then need to check your statement online to verify the correct amount on the ECO Card website so that you can continue making deposits with this credit card. If for some reason your verification attempts have failed 3 times you’ll need to contact customer service as your account will be placed in a “hold status”

To fund your online casino account you’ll need to first register for your account, download the software & then visit the cashier most casinos have all depositing options available to you in logo format or drop down box choose ECO Card from the ECO Card Online Casino and follow the instructions from there, it will ask you information about your card such as number, name, expiration date & CVV code. Make sure all information is updated accurately. Some casinos may need to verify the account in order for you to continue with the deposit.

ECO Card is used by many all around the world, though it is a relatively new deposit method for online casinos it is trused due to being backed by MasterCard. Their customer service is prompt and friendly and always available!

Below you will find a handful of USA friendly online casinos that currently accept ECO Card. Each of these ECO Card Casinos have been tested by Online Casino USA and are deemed reliable online ECO Card Casinos.

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