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Bitcoin Casino with No Deposit Bonus (2019)

Bitcoin (BTC) is probably the most popular cryptocurrency in USA today, with more than 2.5 million people using it these days. This currency, which was originally launched in 2008, is rising in value and it is used for a great number of online transactions thanks to its stability and the ease and security with which it can be used. BTC also enables very quick and cheap transactions since it bypasses the banking system entirely. BTC, which do not have any physical form but are stored in electronic wallets, are increasingly being used to conduct gambling on the internet.

bitcoin casino no deposit bonus 2019

It is not very easy to find the best Bitcoin sites for gambling since there are so many of them at any given point of time. What’s more, gambling sites keep getting launched on a daily basis whereas others shut down as frequently.

However, Bitcoin Casino is one of the best online casinos available where you can play a wide range of games using Bitcoins. The site can offer you a great deal of fun since it is based upon the style of Las Vegas Video Poker machines. The site also offers a very fair system for gaming which makes a great difference to individual customers. You can set up your account here very quickly and easily thanks to the site’s user-friendly interface.

A Wide Range Of Video Poker Games

There are seven different types of games available on Bitcoin Video Casino. These include Video Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Dice, Slots, and Keno just the way one gets at a Las Vegas Casino. Each game has many different options which means that you can find the exact kind of game that tickles your fancy.

Many Additional Features

There is more to Bitcoin Video Casino than the excellent range of games it offers. This site also offers:

  1. Excellent odds when compared to other casinos.
  2. Chance to double your bets using the Double or Nothing feature on Video Poker.
  3. Auto play, thanks to which you can play game after game without wasting any time.
  4. Thrilling progressive jackpots that can help you maximize the money you win. The money available climbs at a very fast pace because the jackpot receives contributions from side bets as well as wagers on Roulette, Blackjack, and Craps.
  5. Very quick cash transactions, thanks to which the money can be deposited into or withdrawn from your account instantly upon your request.

You can choose to try out the games on this site before you opt to play with Bitcoins. Another great reason to use Bitcoin Video Casino is that it operates an excellent referral program. You have the opportunity to earn back quite a bit of money by referring the site to others. Since it is a very good site, there is a good chance that your referrals will also use the site! All in all, this is a very good site that will help you have a great deal of fun for as long as you want.

Play Real Casino Slot Machines Online For Free

Free online slot games like Double Bubble have perhaps attracted more attention than any other casino games at any online casinos. One reason could be that this novel concept was not there at the brick and mortar casinos. Secondly, this has provided an opportunity to everyone to try their hands at online casino games. Without fear of losing the hard earned money in playing online slot games, now players can play real casino slot machines online for free.

Play Real Casino Slot Machines Online For Free

The Features of Free Online Slot Games

Anyone can enjoy free online slot games without having to invest any money at the casino. The free online slot is mostly a replica of real money slot games. When a player spins the reels of the free slot games, things which would have unravelled in real money games will appear in these games as well. Of course, the only difference here is that there is no money transaction. The player opting for free slot games is not entitled to win any money, even when the symbols on their reels match with those of the house. Similarly, there is no risk of losing money at free slot games, as no deposit is needed to start the free game.

Why Free Slot Games?

Playing real casino slot machines online for free is very useful for the new players, in particular. Instead of risking their hard earned money in an unknown casino game, the player has the choice of learning everything about the game from these free games. For a new player, terms and symbols used at the online slot game may be unfamiliar. By playing free slot games, the new player overcomes this disadvantage. The new player understands what a payout is and what a pay line refers to by playing these games. They can play the free slot games any number of times and get used to the slot game, before opting to play real money games.

How Free Games are Useful for Experienced Players?

Senior players who wish for some casino entertainment without depositing any casino money can also play free slot games. For others, who may have run out of their budget, but still wish to enjoy the casino games, these free games can be a really great option. Sometimes conservative players pick free slot games as they can ensure that they do not incur any losses. Some other veteran players use these games to chart out strategies for real money games. By repeatedly playing these games, veteran players hope to see a pattern emerging in the slot games, which they can later use in the real money games.

Playing Free Online Slot Games

Just like the real money games, free slot games can be either played as download games or as no-download games, which can be directly played on the browser, without the need to download.

6 Great Slot Machine Tips to Win

Slot games like Double Bubble are very popular with gamblers everywhere because they give out big wins for relatively smaller wagers when compared to most other forms of gambling. Besides, slot games are also great fun to play and they are very easy to boot. Games such as Double Bubble slot from the Gamesys Group have excellent animation and you can play them for hours on end without getting bored. But what slot machine tips to win should you know?

Slot games are won purely by luck and there is no way you can bypass the system to make a jackpot happen. What you can do, however, is try to increase the size of the wins that will inevitably happen. Keep in mind that slot games have computer programmes that determine their pay out percentage beforehand.

slot machine tips to win

Higher Payout

Always choose a slot machine that gives a higher payout. Casinos do not display this information, but you can generally work this out for yourself if you play slots at a casino long enough. You could also talk to a casino attendant to find out about specific machines. One more thing to keep in mind is that machines that accept low denominations tend to have lower pay out percentages.

Three Reel Slots Games Better Than Five Reel Ones

Three reel slot games tend to give more frequent wins than five reel games. The size of the win will be less if you stick to these games, but at least you will win more often.

Tip for Playing: Play Non-progressive Slot Games

Play non-progressive slot games like Double Bubble instead of hoping for a big jackpot that might not come. Individual slot games have smaller jackpots than progressive ones, but there is a fairly good chance that you will land some money if you play for long enough.

Tip for Beginners: Always Read Rules

Always read the rules of a particular slot game before you decide to play it. If it requires you to wager a certain number of coins or activate a minimum number of pay lines to qualify for a big win, then you should comply or else your wagers will not amount to anything even if the winning combination appears on your screen.

Stick to a Set Budget

Decide beforehand on how much you will be able to gamble during a particular day and stick to that amount. It simply doesn’t make sense playing slot after slot long after your budget has been crossed because you’ll just end up gambling money you can’t afford. Besides, you won’t even have fun if you end up playing slots grimly, hanging in there for a win.

Best Tip to Win: Change Slot Games

Move on to a different slot game if you feel dejected playing a particular game that hasn’t won you anything for a long time. There is no such thing as a winning or losing streak since the winning combination is determined by a Random Number Generator, so you might as well shift to another game that catches your fancy.

Slot machines such as Double Bubble are a great source of enjoyment and relaxation as long as you play them with the right attitude. Be sure that you play responsibly at a very good online casino. If you do, you’ll always have a great time and you’ll also win money now and then!